I usually buy myself a new knife every month. It’s my “reward” for working 6 days a week and keeping my shit together and being awesome.

But work has been dead and I’m having to cut back on extra expenses. Oh man, horrible pun, sorry guys!

Regardless, I get a lot of questions about the knives/weapons thing.

The short answer is I just like knives. I have a lot of respect for things that are functional as well as beautiful, and while I can’t seem to rationalize spending the little money I make on art, I can rationalize spending money on things that are well designed and useful. “Rationalize” is a term used loosely here because there really isn’t any reason I need to own 30 knives. I always carry a knife or three on me and I use them a lot at work and around the house. I work on a farm sometimes and a good knife is really handy for pretty much everything.

The long answer is that I’m borderline pathologically paranoid about the world as we know it coming to an end, and when the government collapses 30 knives might be pretty useful. I also collect shit like paracord and hand axes and first aid supplies. I’m a total weirdass and at some point I’ll write more about it.

The moral of this post doesn’t have much to do with knives, it has to do with all you fuckers getting a motherfucking 72-hour kit together so when the next big earthquake hits here in SF, or a natural disaster of any kind happens in your city, you have stuff like food and water and batteries for that one shitty flashlight you think is maybe in your kitchen somewhere. GET IT TOGETHER GUYS.

Some of you are probably like “No worries, I’m way ahead of the game, check out this sweet backpack filled with awesome supplies” but a lot of my friends are like “Wait, what? Um, if there’s an earthquake I’m just gonna come over.”

NOPE. I have 20 gallons of water hidden around my apartment just in case, but I’m not sharing with you motherfuckers just because you didn’t take the time to prepare for the inevitable, and a huge motherfucking earthquake here in the Bay Area is inevitable.

SO. Check out and prepare yourself for the worst. I’m not saying you have to go all out and build a Bug Out Bag full of weapons and enough non-perishable food to last a month… but maybe you should consider it. Because the second things go to shit I’m vanishing like smoke and none of y’all should depend on knocking on my door to borrow a cup of water and a hand axe.

And remember, in a survival situation “two is one, and one is none.” 30 knives and 6 flashlights might seem like overkill now, but things tend to break or get lost the moment you need them, and I’m not trying to run out of batteries and bandages when there’s no electricity, running water, or doctor to call.

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