Anonymous said: So I've got some friends from out of town that are coming to SF and I want to show them a good time but I'm a loser and I never get out. What are some fun/unique things to do in the city? I've got the eating part covered haha

Love these kind of questions…

Here’s some of the stuff I do with friends from out of town:

Wandering Golden Gate Park -  always fun when the weather is nice, there’s oftentimes cool stuff happening at the Japanese Tea Gardens and Conservatory of Flowers. The Botanical Gardens rule, especially if you smoke a lot of weed first.

While in Golden Gate Park, check out the De Young Museum. It’s my favorite museum in SF. The Academy of Sciences is usually a shit show and it kind of sucks since the remodel, but mostly I’m just a hater, and it’s probably worth a visit.

Ok, damn it, none of this is unique. I’m sorry! But it’s all I got…

Chamber music at the Legion of Honor - listening to someone play organ while you look at 500-year-old paintings is fucking tight.

The Musee Mecanique at the Warf - Fuck the warf, but I love the Musee Mecanique, I used to go when I was a little girl when it was at the Cliff House. Huge collection of antique arcade games and creepy machines, and in walking distance to In-N-Out because duh.

Cross the bridge and hike the Headlands. Do it. It’s beautiful and you can pack goodies from Bi-Rite or Lee’s sandwiches and hang out at the beach.

Wander Bernal Heights. Get drunk on the outside patio at Wild Side West. Climb Bernal Hill and check out that sweet view of the city. There’s a rope swing up at Bernal Heights Park and even more views to view.

Check out the Sutro Baths because, oh man, that shit used to be so rad! And now it’s all in ruins and that’s totally rad in a different way! Photo ops for days and you can even stare at seals.

Fuck Alcatraz, that shit is super depressing, instead take a day trip to Angel island… because it’s not a dark, shitty old prison filled with tourists and assholes. Even better if you have a friend with a boat to get you there.

Day drinking at Dolores is awesome. Alamo Square for photo ops with the Full House House and, better yet, the house on Fulton and Scott where Charles Manson lived, Janis Joplin stayed, and where Ken Kesey wrote One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. There are claw marks in the stairwell leading to the top floor where Charles Manson kept a tiger chained up.

I like wandering Lower Haight - lots of independently owned shops, great street art, and less touristy nonsense than Upper Haight.

826 Valencia, Paxton Gate, +++ millions of other kewl spots in the Mission are fun to check out. Get your friends all hoped up on Ritual, Philz, Blue Bottle, and Four Barrel and then feed them liquor and see what happens.

Fun bars for out-of-towners: The Tonga Room, Elbo Room, Blackbird, 15 Romolo, SOM, Zeitgeist, Tornado, Alembic, Edinburgh Castle.

Bars I hang out at: The Uptown, Pop’s, The Page, Elbo Room, Blackbird, Edinburgh Castle, The Knockout, Molotov’s, SOM.

There are so many amazing DJ nights I try to attend, but some of my favorites for friends who are visiting are put on by Primo, Jamie and Chris of Debaser, and the Sweaterfunk crew. I love the Independent for shows, as well as Slims and the Great American Music Hall. Hemlock also books a lot of lesser known, totally awesome bands.

Well… that was a lot. Hope you guys have fun!